Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Do I Crochet?

My first Doris Chan sweater. The sleeves are cool--sort of
Morticia Addams-ish. 

"Are you going to sell all that stuff or what?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you making all the sweaters? It's like all you do lately."

 (throat clearing) "Actually, I'm crocheting for lots of reasons."


"No biggie, Mom. No lecture needed. I was just curious. See ya."

It was and still is a legitimate question. Why crochet or more specifically, why do I crochet? The only people really interested in knowing why a person crochets are other crocheters. It is sort of like teaching, I guess. After almost thirty years in public service as a teacher and speech-language therapist, I am wary about saying much about my profession to those who are not in the business of teaching. I hate even saying, "the business of teaching" because I am living the dream of folks who believe that using business models in schools is a good thing. If I say I don't like the excessive testing and evaluation, I am a whiny teacher who gets summers off so I should shut it. If I say I think the implementation of Common Core State Standards is the result of an unholy relationship between Arne Duncan and Pearson, then I am a radical. So I don't say it. I crochet--a lot. Since I picked up my hooks again last July, I've made numerous sweaters, purses, scarves, baby dresses, booties, and blankets. I have given some items away as gifts but not that much. Maybe because I am a bit weary of giving pieces of myself away. Or maybe I'm afraid of "publishing" my work due to fear of rejection and criticism. My sister, Liz, calls it therapeutic crochet. I think she's right. She gets it. She is an educator too.

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