Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crochet Revision

Although I altered it slightly, the pattern for these stars came
 from Melissa at A Happy One. I used Caron Simply Soft
yarn with a G hook.
I held the poster-sized foam core board level all the way to the foyer. Shoving the front door open with my hip, I inched open the screen door with my toe then gave it a kick. It swung wide and I stepped onto the porch just as a summer breeze blew all the white glitter that was resting on the foam core into my hair and back through the door and onto the foyer rug. Much swearing could be heard as I dumped the remaining glitter into the yard.

I had been covering all my granny stars, made while sitting in the car during our family vacation, with glue and glitter. The results were less than satisfactory. In fact, the pink, lavender, and purple stitched stars looked dumb with white glitter. Terrible. Dorky. After peeling the stiffened projects from the wax paper covered foam core, I scraped off what glitter I could and tossed them into warm water. I soaked most of the glue and glitter off and secured the damp pieces back onto the board to dry. Now what? I wonder how long they will sit all pinned down and waiting on my dining room table.

If my granny stars were a piece of writing, they would be tucked in the unfinished side of my writing folder and would probably remain unfinished for a while--at least without a deadline. I still have months before Christmas.  Maybe I don't need to add much more than a ribbon. Maybe they don't need a lot of extra decoration. Maybe they are just fine they way they are. For now, I will let them rest on my dining room table.

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