Sunday, June 14, 2015

Crochet Organization

My latest excuse for not cleaning up and organizing all of my yarn, notions, patterns, and projects is      . . . well, I've run out of excuses. My stuff is pretty much a mess and I have several almost finished projects. Some crocheters go on a yarn diet or a yarn ban, where they promise themselves and those they love that they aren't going to buy another ball of yarn until they used a large portion of what they own. Clare at Bobwilson123 admits to her own addiction. Having a large yarn stash requires space. I have my daughter's old bedroom with a walk-in closet and I still have a tangled mess. For shame. So, as I thought about mapping out how I would attack my mess (more stalling), I decided to start with organizing my notes and patterns. Even though I love technology and apps, I still like to write notes by hand on the printed pattern or in a notebook or piece of paper as I crochet. It's quicker. I can hold my work in my left hand and write with the other. My pencil stays handy tucked behind my ear. The problem with this system is that I have a bunch of random notebooks and scraps of paper with notes. I am growing a nice library of patterns in Google Drive, which is an excellent tool, but I often take my projects on the road with me. Keeping a physical notebook is easier for the car. Below are pdf's of pages I plan to put in my new notebook. Now, I need to get to Staples to get my books printed.


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