Friday, June 19, 2015

Finished Crochet Cardigan: Long Sleeve Aran Fleck

This post is the third in a series devoted to finishing my pile of nearly done sweaters. The first and second completed sweaters are already in my closet. After I tried on this toasty coat-like cardigan, I remembered why I stalled with the final clean-up. One sleeve was longer than the other. Oh, Lord. Because this is an original design, or maybe that is an excuse, I wasn't sure how the taper rows on the sleeves would turn out until after I completed an arm and tried it on. I re-crocheted so many times that I probably lost track of where I was and my notes were all over the place. I ended up removing four rows and re-working the cuff and called it good. When I tried it on for the millionth time, the imperfections, although noticeable to me, were not glaring enough to keep me from completing and wearing it. In fact, I love the thick blanket texture as well as the fit.

Long sleeve cardigan made with Red Heart Super Saver in Aran Fleck
and an I hook.  Buttons are from Hobby Lobby. The pattern is an
original design that I haven't yet put on paper.
Whew! This thing is warm!

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