Monday, July 6, 2015

Creating a Crochet Business: Baby Steps

 So why would I spend so much time developing crochet patterns? Truth is, I don't know why. The problem solving feels more therapeutic than frustrating.  I have control. My thinking. My decisions. My time. I have recently been told by many friends that I should think about making a business out of my crochet passion. Maybe. Putting my patterns on paper is a goal but why do it?  Does it make sense to put so much effort into something, putting yourself out there as a business, and not worry about turning a profit? Doesn't seem like a very good business plan. For now, I am learning what I like as a consumer of crochet related products. I know I no longer have patience for blogs and sites filled with pop-ups and ads. I like Face Book, Google+ pages related to crochet as well as Pinterest boards. And Ravelry is the best tool out there for identifying good patterns. I am also willing to watch ads on YouTube prior to viewing tutorials from channels I like. My primary crochet related expenditures are yarn, hooks, and tools. I also purchase some patterns and magazines. I use the public library to check out crochet books. Eventually I will purchase some books but will wait for sales or an Amazon gift card. I suppose that sounds cheap. Crochet is not a cheap hobby and I know I am not the only crocheter who looks for bargains. That said, I strive to give credit where credit is due. If I am inspired by another pattern or tutorial, I indicate that on Ravelry and on my blog. It takes time to link to the blogs and Pinterest boards of others but I do the best I can to make that effort. I like the advice from Link with Love regarding the sharing intellectual property.

Notes from a baby shrug I am creating. It is a spin-off from the baby
cardigan. I really need to work through all the directions and GET IT ON PAPER!

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