Monday, July 6, 2015

Crochet Baby Cardigan: Newborn

After creating my baby cardigan prototype, I searched for size charts and found several. See the links below. According to the charts, my prototype is a size newborn. The arms ended up the perfect length. My Crocheter's Notebook has been a great tool to collect my revision process as I work through the cardigan design using different yarn weights, hook sizes, and stitch patterns to construct the sizes I want. My goal is to develop three size ranges in worsted (4), light worsted (3), and light (2) yarns. It will require hours and hours or work. Different yarns and yarn weights produce a variety of results. The basic pattern and process can remain similar but it is the fine tuning that allows for the pattern to be used across multiple sizes and yarn weights. Fit, feel, and details are important to me and I am willing to fiddle to get what I want.

Links for size charts that I found:

Baby Size chart from Craft Yarn Council                                 
Children's Size chart from Craft Yarn Council

Shoe size chart from Hectanooga1

Pinterest board with additional resources from 
Andi Ny Wahyu

Andi Ny Wahy

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