Monday, July 6, 2015

Crochet Face Book Pages: People Say the Darnedest Things

Be kind  <3
I recently read a post written by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd on his Face Book page that got me thinking. It appears that a picture of a sweater was posted by a member that received several negative comments. Mikey expressed his concern and that he felt responsible and wanted to apologize because The Crochet Crowd is a supportive community of crocheters who share the same passion. As I read through comments offering support to Mikey and the member who shared her sweater, I began to wonder what causes individuals to write purposely hurtful comments. Is it because they struggle to name and notice what appeals to them? How much time do they take to compose a response? Comments on Face Book pages, blog comments, tweets, and texts are written language. The entire message is contained in the symbols, words and punctuation. As receivers of the message, we don't have access to the writer's face, body language, and voice. Words, like images, are powerful tools. I believe Mikey's response to the negativity was critical. Will calling attention to unkind comments make community members think more carefully about what they write? I hope so. #crochetkindly

Well I have let you down folks and I want to step up so you can take a swing with the bat. Yesterday, I featured a guy...
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