Monday, July 13, 2015

Vintage Crochet: Nice Try!

I decided to give a vintage pattern a try. After multiple attempts to achieve gauge, I abandoned the project. In the process, I became intrigued with side-to-side design and began searching online for a pattern for a cardigan. No freebies and I hated to put a ton of time into a pattern that ended up not fitting well. I used what I learned about side-to-side construction from the vintage pattern and took off on a tangent. Of course, I wanted a cardigan because . . . well, because I really love cardigans. I also wanted to bust some stash. My WIP is a far cry from the feminine pullover I started out with. I think I like it. It reminds me of a sweater my grandpa used to wear, so I guess that still makes it "vintage".

Had I continued, the waist on the sweater
would have been 21". Uhm, no way. My
waist hasn't been 21" since middle
Doesn't she look pretty (skinny)! I'm not
quite sure what I was thinking. Anyway, I
learned a lot in the process. Still love the
original sweater design. 

My in-process "Vintage" grandpa sweater. 

I actually took notes! Not great notes but enough that I could
try the sweater again.

I liked the way the yarn pooled in this section. How lucky!
I wasn't so lucky with the same section on the opposite
side of the sweater. I had to re-work it several times to get
a similar look. Ugh!

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